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Generative AI in the News

How Tech Giants Cut Corners to Harvest Data for A.I.

New York Times, April 2024

The Dilemma of Documentary Proof: Archival Producers Alliance Co-founders Discuss How AI Will Change Archival

Documentary Magazine, April 2024

George Carlin’s Estate Reaches Settlement After A.I. Podcast
New York Times, April 2024

Billie Eilish, Pearl Jam, Nicki Minaj Among 200 Artists Calling for Responsible AI Music Practices

Billboard, April 2024

Tennessee Makes A.I. an Outlaw to Protect Its Country Music and More

New York Times, March 2024

BBC News releases new image and video authenticity verification technology

Photo Archive News, March 2024

OpenAI Unveils A.I. That Instantly Generates Eye-Popping Videos

New York Times, February 2024

The Copyright Debate in Generative AI: Challenges, Expert Perspectives and Predictions
Every Pixel, February 2024

GEN AI Legal Explainer

Knowing Machines, Updated regularly

We Asked A.I. to Create the Joker. It Generated a Copyrighted Image.​
New York Times, January 2024

George Carlin's daughter slams AI imitation of late father, decries 'rape & pillage' of his art

NBC News, January 2024

Is A.I. the Death of I.P.?

The New Yorker, January 2024

State Legislators, Wary of Deceptive Election Ads, Tighten A.I. Rules

The New York Times, January 2024

Dark Corners of the Web Offer a Glimpse at A.I.’s Nefarious Future
The New York Times, January 2024

OpenAI Says New York Times Lawsuit Against It Is ‘Without Merit’

The New York Times, January 2024

Dream of Talking to Vincent van Gogh? A.I. Tries to Resurrect the Artist.

The New York Times, December 2023

E.U. Agrees on Landmark Artificial Intelligence Rules

The New York Times, December 2023

"Makers of the largest general-purpose A.I. systems, like those powering the ChatGPT chatbot, would face new transparency requirements. Chatbots and software that creates manipulated images such as “deepfakes” would have to make clear that what people were seeing was generated by A.I., according to E.U. officials and earlier drafts of the law."


Newly formed Archival Producers Alliance issues open letter on AI in docs

Realscreen, November 2023

The Generated Anchor: Startup Channel 1 To Premiere AI-Produced Newscast

Deadline, November 2023

Doc Producers Call for Generative A.I. Guardrails in Open Letter

The Hollywood Reporter, November 2023

AI-Generated Voices of John Legend, Demi Lovato and Charlie Puth Are Coming to YouTube​

The Hollywood Reporter, November 2023

Justine Bateman Discusses Concerns With SAG-AFTRA Deal’s AI Protections, Warns Loopholes Could “Collapse The Structure” Of Hollywood

Deadline, November 2023

Édith Piaf’s voice re-created using AI so she can narrate own biopic
The Guardian, November 2023

“We need to shift our view about AI”: Geneva Digital Market speakers say tech is a tool for storytelling

Screendaily, November 2023

What Would It Take for an AI-Generated Song to Qualify for a Grammy?
Variety, October 2024

The Beatles: ‘final’ song Now and Then to be released thanks to AI technology

The Guardian, October 2023

Czech Republic’s Ji.hlava Doc Fest Launches Its Mission to Explore ‘What Images Can We Trust?’

Variety, October 2023

President Biden Issues Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

The White House, October 2023


Generative AI and historical authority

National Council on Public History, October 2023

Senate Legislation Would Outlaw Unauthorized AI-Generated Likenesses; SAG-AFTRA Lauds “No Fakes Act”

Deadline, October 2023

* “The discussion draft includes a number of exclusions, including for news, documentaries and docudramas, as well as historical or biographical works. It also does not apply to the use of likenesses for comment and criticism, “scholarship satire or parody.”

Shutterstock will sell AI-generated art and 'compensate' human artists

New Scientist, Oct 2023


Robin Williams' daughter says she finds AI recreations of her father's voice 'personally disturbing'

Yahoo! News October, 2023


Getty Made an AI generator that only trained on its licensed images

The Verge, Sept 2023


Getty Images promises its new AI contains no copyrighted art

September 2023

Spotify’s AI Voice Translation Pilot Means Your Favorite Podcasters Might Be Heard in Your Native Language

Spotify, Sept 2023


First Google Search Result for Tiananmen Square “Tank Man” Is AI Generated Selfie

404 Media, Sept 2023


Directors of Wilt Chamberlain documentary 'Goliath' defend use of AI in recreating legend's voice

Yahoo! Sports, July 2023

AI Decision-Making in Hollywood Is Already Here, Now What?

Hollywood Reporter, May 2023


People Are Creating Records of Fake Historical Events Using AI

Vice, March 2023


AI models spit out photos of real people and copyrighted images

MIT Technology review, February 2023


What happens when AI generates fake historical photos

The Observers, France24, February 2023


Doc Filmmakers Debate Growing Use of AI in Non-Fiction Projects: ‘We Are Supposed to Be the Truth’

Variety, August 2023


AI-Restoration in the Film Archive: Uprezzing the classics — and “generating” new ones?

Medium, September 2022


The Ethics of a Deepfake Anthony Bourdain Voice

The New Yorker, July 2021

   Current Standards


PBS: Applying Standards to Generative AI Tools

September 2023


PBS Case Study -- Jurassic Art: AI-Generated Dino Doc

September 2023


Smithsonian Institution: Shared Stewardship and Ethical Returns Policy

April 2022

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